Welcome to WineTap

Sustainable | Soulful | Wine on Tap

WineTap offers an alternative packaging and environmentally friendly wine delivery system. Poured from innovative single use kegs, connected to new or existing tap systems, we provide a range of wines by the glass that are of the highest quality and perfect flavour. Our WINE on TAP system ensures wines are fresher for longer and guarantees that wine is provided to the consumer as it was intended by the winemaker, from barrel to glass.

Who Are We

We are WineTap; a Johannesburg born company passionate about South African wine, preserving our planet and providing an alternative packaging option to the wine industry. After a visit to North America in 2017 and being introduced to kegged wine and its benefits (not only for us the consumers but for our environment too) we set out to establish a wine-on-tap movement in our motherland South Africa.

What Matters

In vino veritas; in wine there is truth indeed!

Supporting local wine farms and winemakers, promoting less waste and more recycling. At WineTap we aim to establish a more effective wine delivery system that reduces the industry’s carbon footprint but increases the selection and enjoyment of available wines to consumers. Perfection, quality and impeccable service is the cornerstone of our approach.

What We Do and How We Do It

Put simply; we keg wine! We use 20 litre 100% recyclable kegs and fill them with divine wine sourced from the Stellenbosch region in the Western Cape. No more long queues or limited wine selections; our aim is to serve the perfect glass of wine at the ideal temperature and flavour each time. All this while educating new and existing markets as well as general consumers of the more sustainable, cost effective benefits of wine by the glass.

Contact us by email: info@winetap.co.za