Why Wine Tap?


From beautiful brunch spots to art fairs, music festivals, pubs and reputable restaurants, WINE on TAP is more of a movement than a trend. Here’s why:

• Service efficiency: no more fumbling with bottles, wine openers and corks. In a few seconds, a perfect glass of wine is poured. If you are dealing with any kind of volume, this is the perfect solution for you to get wine out quickly. Less stock, storing and discarding of bottles means daily operations will run more efficiently.

• Affordability: Kegging wine significantly reduces costs associated with packaging, transport, storage and waste. Serving WINE on TAP can boost your bottom line by up to 25%! Because you are receiving wines at a less expensive cost to you, you are able to serve better wines at a more competitive price. This is a benefit for both retailers and consumers; that’s a win win wine!

• Increased consumer choices: Many restaurants are only able to serve limited varietals by the glass, with WineTap there is more opportunity to increase wine selections without the worry of spoilage and waste which means a wider range of cost effective varieties available to the consumer.

• Sustainability:  Over the course of a year, a single keg can reduce the need for hundreds of bottles. Our kegs are fully recyclable, light weight with a higher loading capacity compared to steel kegs and wine bottles which means fewer deliveries are required. 81% of each KeyKeg is to be re- used for a new KeyKeg.

• No oxidation = more consistency and zero waste:  From barrel to glass, our kegged wines are never exposed to air or any gasses, thus ensuring their intended flavour and quality; that’s fresh, consistent wine from the first glass to the last. In addition, kegging wine offers an extended shelf life of 6-8 months and once tapped 2-3 months depending on the wine. This significantly reduces waste and having to pour spoiled bottles down the drain.

Improved guest experience: More options and less pressure to pick a pricey bottle,  WINE on TAP creates an environment where patrons can order a glass of wine the way you would order a draught beer. Furthermore, wine on tap reduces the number of tasks involved in serving wine and sampling a wine to find out what it’s like? Easy!


WINE on TAP significantly reduces the environmental effects associated with packaging (no bottles, no corks, no caps, no labels), storage, handling and transport.

Our one use kegs are fully recyclable and already made from 30% recycled material. Kegs are recycled rather than cleaned with harsh chemicals that can damage our environment and the option of dispensing with compressed air further reduces CO2 emissions apposed to using nitrogen with steel kegs.

With WineTap there is no waste and a lot less to recycle, hugely reducing the carbon footprint of wine in hospitality and service industries. Talk about reducing your carbon footprint!

Contact us by email: info@winetap.co.za